Preventative Maintenance and Repair

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" rings true in the world of machinery. Failure to properly maintain your investments can lead to costly repairs and machine downtime. Both of which can be mitigated with a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Our typical preventative maintenance rotation is annual, but we can conform to whatever your need may be. If you so choose, we can track machine behavior by incorporating Laser Calibrations and BallBar analysis' with your PM program. Enabling us to forecast machine failures and ensure accuracy and repeatability. We can supplement your existing maintenance staff or be your maintenance department completely.

If your machine does go down, whatever the cause, we can fix it fast and fix it right. Our highly skilled technicians posses a wealth of knowledge not only in the mechanical aspect of machinery, but electronic as well. Wether it be a damaged ballscrew or an error within the controller, we've got you covered.

Laser Calibration and BallBar Analysis

Modern industry has to meet ever tighter tolerances, customer schedules, and the requirements of international quality standards. Together, with the pressure to reduce costs, the performance of manufacturing machinery has never been more important.

We provide Laser Calibration, Leveling, Geometric Alignment and BallBar Analysis. Conducted by our Factory-Trained technicians using the latest equipment from the leaders in Metrology. Our equipment is calibrated and traceable to NIST, ISO 230, VDI3441 and NMTBA. Our Laser Calibration system provides a statement of machine calibration to ensure compliance with ISO 9001.


Turcite is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based bearing material with low friction for machine tool industry linear bearing applications. Turcite is PTFE resins with added fillers such as bronze, that are extruded into solid billets as opposed to compression molding. Billets are then skived to a nominal thickness with lengths varying depending on thickness. Testing has shown that PTFE based compounds are resistant to virtually all media, cutting fluids and slideway oils. Additionally, these compounds feature outstanding wear resistance and friction characteristics. Turcite was developed to meet the needs of machine tool manufacturers looking to improve machine tool efficiencies through low friction material technology and reduce stick-slip effect in machine transitions while still maintaining positioning accuracy and vibration damping.

Features and Benefits
- Low friction without stick slip for positional accuracy at different velocities, especially low speeds
- Low coefficient of friction in intermittent lack of lubrications
- Chemical resistant to a broad range of lubricants for extended product life
- Reduces machine tool vibration through damping characteristics
- Minimal abrasion of hardware, preventing damage to counter surfaces
- High wear resistance for extended product life
- Thicknesses to meet design requirements